A camera that fits perfectly in my tote!

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As a true-blue iPhone addict, I’m constantly hooked onto it for reasons beyond the usual Facebook and Instagram updates. It’s the camera in the device that gets my undivided attention! I’ve never had to miss a photo opportunity and have my fair share of all the wonderful moments safely saved onto my mobile. All this, without the hassle of having a heavy camera dangling over your chest and carrying a pack full of lenses and what not.

However, in an attempt to delve into some serious photography and progress into becoming a semi-pro, I decided to plunge into the world of digital cameras. A bit of research and couple of suggestions from my photographer friends led me to trying the new Panasonic Lumix GX85. Thus, began my tryst with the minimalistic, classy, and SLR-like device. Much to my delight, the camera was compact with an easy-to-carry body and made for a really light travel companion. Add to it, the quick focusing and post-focus option helped me capture all of nature’s fleeting masterpieces with ease –  glowing mist on top of the water, clouded haze, layered mountains, golden brown sand dunes, the amazing desert sunset, and much more.

Yet another interesting option that won me over instantly was the choice of ‘creative filters’, over 26 of them. From a rough monochrome to one point color filter, it helped me achieve the desired look for a frame with absolutely no editing involved! The camera supports Wi-Fi and can even be controlled with your smartphone. Definitely, a huge blessing for all the bloggers out there.

Not only are the picture quality top notch, you wouldn’t be disappointed by the steady video capturing as well. Thanks to the ability to shoot Ultra HD video at up to 30 frames per second and best-in-class stabilization. So, you can forget your tripod at home!

In addition, having an in-built charger lets you charge the camera with a USB cable without necessarily depending on the external charger or converter all the time.

With so many features, this device really does make your life way less complicated and makes you realize that not all cameras are necessarily bulky and difficult to manage. For AED2,999 the Panasonic Lumix GX85 is definitely an investment worth every penny and more importantly, fits perfectly in my tote.

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