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Intelligent Marketing Consultants is a melting pot, wherein a nucleus of creative thinkers, and strategists are constantly adapting to the region’s changing media, and social media landscape. Our team, with its fighting spirit, has the competitive edge to sustain the success that we deliver on your communication campaigns!

This deliberate decision to work with a core team that is augmented by support personnel, keeps us agile and effective, thus allowing us to immediately respond to changes and challenges, both external and internal.

Our ethos is simple: effectively manage expectations, and provide the market insight that help organizations make informed decisions.


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Representing various disciplines, including journalism, government, education, healthcare, literature and engineering, our experienced consultants are experts at what they do. Our team is united in their driven passion to help companies find their voice, among the gambit of twists and turns that any communication campaign will face in this region.

True consultants, our team has a flair for public relations, not to mention tact, to help drive complex social media campaigns as well. Intelligent Marketing Consultants is a mix bag of creative thinkers, working and evolving as a winning team.

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