Keeping Up with Facebook!

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Social media has taken the world by storm and how! Years ago, when social media platforms like Orkut made its way into our lives, little did we anticipate or fathom the huge influence, and impact it would have on our lives!

While Orkut slowly lost its mojo, Facebook raced ahead and turned into the world’s most preferred social networking site. Over the years, Facebook has been consistent and progressed into being a friend, philosopher, guide, and perhaps much more to its users. There is no denying, Facebook has become a necessary evil! Such is the reality of this medium.

However, it hasn’t been an easy ride for Facebook with competitors like Snapchat enjoying more popularity among younger users. Live videos, stories, messengers – the number of new features Facebook has tried to add to its kitty of features to keep up with the competition continues.

The most recent one being – Facebook stories, yet another new feature which is Snapchat(ish), and works identical to Instagram stories. As change, evolution, and innovation dominate the new reality of social media, it would be interesting to see what Facebook will do to adapt to the growing competition from its so called rivals.

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