Apples and Oranges

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We don’t often see eye-to-eye, we often argue, we don’t even agree on simple things like what to get for lunch, but that’s the beauty of our team, limitless peas in an ever-evolving proverbial pod.

What does that even mean? We don’t really care! All we care about is the noise we make, and the chaos we generate, all the while making things happen – like getting our clients on the cover of a magazine, or a commentary piece in a leading newspaper, or even creating those viral, and not so viral social media videos.

We call different land masses home, but here in Dubai, in our office, we are truly on a working holiday. We often play ‘if you were a fruit what would you be’? Apple, oranges, mangoes who cares, we are different, unique in our own ways, but then we are all fruits, and that’s what matters to us! BUT what we are having for lunch is still not decided. Fruit salad anyone?

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